Work from home Cape Town jobs – an opportunity for locals. I know how hard it is to make a living here in Cape Town and that is why I would like to offer our local talent an opportunity to get more out of life than 2 weeks annual leave and a pay cheque that lasts all of 2 weeks. This could be a way to travel or spend more time with your family. Get back control of your life, because time is the most precious thing you have.

Would you like to be able to work from home? Cape Town Jobs available. Join our growing team now.

First, a little bit about me...

My name is Michelle. Like many of you, I was stuck in the rat race for many years. A slave to the system and working myself into the ground for someone else’s dream and profit. I had enough! I began searching online for ways I could get my life back. 

Eventually I decided to create businesses that I was passionate about and because I did what I loved to do rather than seeing it as a way to make money, I was successful. I understand the struggle. 

As my companies are slowly growing, I would like to offer an opportunity to a select group of individuals to join me on this particular journey. 

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As the requests start coming in, We find ourselves turning customers away, either because we don’t specialise in what they require, or we just don’t have the time. So as of now, before business starts picking up, We are looking to connect with talented people in the industry who we can trust to send work to on behalf of our company. We are looking to expand so that we can offer many more services to our customers. 

What we require from you:

  • Must have a metric diploma or equivalent 

  • Your CV including any past work you have done or case studies (a portfolio will definitely be an advantage)

  • Tell us why you want to be a part of our team and how you would be an asset to us

  • Must be a South African resident (SEO experts – preferably in Cape Town)

More about these positions:

The moment we receive a project, each position, including an offer, will be sent out. Whoever accepts the offer and job first, will be first in line. There is also an option to pull others on board, making it a group effort.

Remember, these positions are purely commission based. So the more work you accept and do, the higher your income. How much you make is entirely up to you. 

For sales consultants, we will allocate specific hours in the day for you. This will be purely commission based until we feel you are ready for more hours. We will then offer you a permanent position with us, including a salary + commission. 

When and how will you know if you have been considered?

We will select 2 groups:

Group 1 will be expected to begin immediately or at a later date we both agree on.

Group 2 will be shortlisted for any future work we can’t handle within our current team, until we are able to offer you consistent work.

Both of these groups, 1 and 2, can expect an email from our team once a decision has been made.

If you are in group 2, don’t be disheartened. You have made an impression on us and we will be in touch in the future. Please remember that if we offer you a job, see this as extra income whilst you remain in your current job. This will be until we are confident that we can offer you long term consistent work. As work increases, so will our need for all of you, so please be patient. 

We are always expanding and more opportunities will become available so please feel free to contact us whenever this finds you. I believe we will find each other when the time is right.

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Free PDF copy of one of my favourite books

And lastly, because you are here, it is obvious that you want to escape the pitfalls that the majority of people in society fall into. I suggest reading the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” for some inspiration. Even though it’s an old book, there is a lot of great value in it, and this man is a legend.

I will gladly email you a free copy of the pdf. Simply include the request in your application, or request the PDF if you have no intention of applying. I promise it will impart priceless knowledge that will help you along your journey to success.